Sunday, May 22, 2011

New version 1.1.3

new in 1.1.1
added alt symbols on the keys.
added support in external skins (some of the better keyboard skins)
you can download skins from here (skins)
added more gestures (arrows and pickup suggested word,next and previous language )
added sound style WinPhone 7.
improved color customization.

new in 1.1.2
fix of FC in sound settings

new in 1.1.3
changed default in landscape mode (if you want change it go to Settings->tweaks->No Landscape full-screen.


  1. I'm tyring to install it on my xoom 3.1. The buttons are too small. Is there a way to resize them to fit a tablet?

  2. yes,
    go to keyboard settings -> appearance -> layout (vertical & horizontal)

  3. Hello. I really am enjoying the use of your keyboard. I purchased after I had used the free version that icezar had cooked into his continuum rom for captivate. I am having a few problems customizing and could not find any contact/support emails to reach you directly.
    Firstly I suggest you add a contactel email for support :-)
    Second. I am currently having trouble customizing the key sounds. The selection area is greyed out.
    Third. I can't seem to find the area to add custom phrases/words.
    Also I have a few suggestions that would enhance efficiancy that I don't think have ever been implemented before on anu keyboard tools and I would find very innovative and extremely useful. I imagine that other users would whole heartedly agree with my asumption.
    If you are interested in bettering the perfect keyboard please contact me direcly outside of this public forum.
    Thank you.
    Kelly O'Brien

  4. Hi,
    you can get my email address from the market app. in the developer details.
    I will add also the email the in the app.

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