Saturday, July 27, 2013

Perfect Launcher


We have launched a new app in the last week "Perfect Launcher"

A launcher replacement with High performance and Highly customizable (Needs android 4.12+)

Features include:

√ Apply ADW icon themes.
√ Enable auto-rotate

App Drawer:
√ Separate Apps/Widgets in drawer
√ Vertical Drawer.
√ Transition effects.

√ Hide search bar
√ Hide homescreen page indicator
√ Infinite Homescreen Scrolling

√ Enable/disable dock.
√ Scrolling Dock - up to 7 pages.
√ Icon scale.

√Gesture to launch apps/shortcut/Launcher Actions

√Backup settings and screen configuration to SD.



  1. I don't know how to get in touch with you regarding your perfect keyboard app. I can't download extra skins. when I go there I don't find any at the Play Store. Can you help? Thank you very much.

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  3. I have no Google Play on my device. How can I get this launcher?

  4. This has nothing at all to do with Perfect Keyboard??

  5. Looks like you're not keepign up with your blog, which is not good for your users. I wanted this app specifically to show a number row at the top of my keyboard layout. It does NOT do this. How do I tweak the settings for this? Otherwise, it's very generic, no better/worse than any other keyboard app.

  6. Hello your new tab button to the right of the space bar is a deal breaker for me.
    I constantly am hitting that button and f'in up what I am trying to write.
    Lifehacker and readers rate swiftkey as the best keyboard program.
    Perfect keyboard is not even listed in the top five.
    After buying this app
    I feel like I wasted my money now.

  7. Yallofficially suck, bbecause these words iam typing are on your pperfect keyboard!

    1. Those wwords you are typing are doing tthis, not because of the keyboard, but because of your firmware. You have a motorola, and recently updated it to jellybean, correct?

    2. Anonymous, I'm wondering if you are replying to my post of October 22, 2014? I'm not on a Motorola, or using Jelly Bean. I'm on a Galaxy S5, using Kit Kat, though this same problem occurred with Perfect Keyboard Pro that I had installed on a Galaxy S3, using ICS. If this were a firmware issue, it would be happening with other keyboards, but it only occurs in PKP. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  8. I've tried dozens of keyboards but always end up landing on Perfect Keyboard Pro as my default. Its T9 key and voice key are appropriately placed, and its basic, yet customizable layout is superb!

    There is but one little annoyance. It seems to come preloaded with dictionary words that I can't delete.

    For example, if I type the word 'after', then 'AfterDawn' pops up as a suggested word (as much as I like AfterDawn, I just don't type it enough for it to be in my dictionary). Another example would be if I type the word 'only', I get 'Molybdenum' as a suggestion (I had to look that word up).

    These suggestions are not in the stock dictionary, and don't pop up as suggestions in any other keyboard I install, so it must be exclusive to PKP.

    Tried emailing you at but no response, otherwise I'd have given you 5 starts on Google Play.

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  10. So far so good is there a way I can use t9 to swipe?

  11. Installed successfully on my previous handsets as well as others. Now my Moto Ultra only gets me acesss to settings but fails to launch the The keypad despite multiple attempts. Please advise. Thanks

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  15. Hi,i need a perfect board . i can not find it in google play. Can you help me ?

  16. Hi,i need a perfect board . i can not find it in google play. Can you help me ?